Sumatra - Kerinci Honey

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Sumatra - Kerinci Honey


Sumatra - Kerinci - 12oz.

Location: Mt. Kerinci Volcano

Altitude: 1,200 - 1,500 masl

Varietals: Andung, Sari, Sigararutang, P88, Tim-Tim, Bor-Bor

Process: Honey

Fuji Apple, Dark Cherry, Tomato


  • Kerinci Valley is home to a small conservation group with over 600 producing farmers who often work less than an acre each.
  • The valley is a fertile land of rich volcanic soil with over 300,000 people and is known as the "rice bowl".
  • It is surrounded by the largest National Park in Sumatra, the Kerinci Seblat National Park.
  • The Park is an area of 5,234 sq mi of rain forest, volcanoes, mountains, wetlands and rivers; of which 7 million people and 10 million hectares of agricultural land highly rely on for income.
  • Kerinci Valley is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, with more tigers than in all of Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and China combined.
  • This conservation group focuses on coffee grown without encroaching on the National Park.
  • Today, the number of trees that they have distributed is approaching 1 million.
  • Their plan works more and more, as households realize they can earn a better living with Kerinci coffee as opposed to illegal hunting and illegal growing on park lands.


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