Peru - Lima

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Peru - Lima


Peru - Lima - 12oz.

Location: Cajamarca, Peru

Town:  Jaen - 400 Smallholder Farms

Altitude: 1,650- 1,500 masl

Varietal: Caturra, Mundo Nova, Pache, Typica, Catimor

Process: Washed

Red Grape, Marshmallow, Baker's Chocolate


The Peru Lima comes from the Lima's Coffee Exporting Organization led by Rony Lavan - am ambitious and quality driven cupper who has spent his career trying to carve out better and bolder coffees.

The location, Cajamarca, is not only where the bulk of the country's coffees come from, but also the best-cupping lots.

This is a Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance certified coffee.

Fair Trade organizations seek greater equity in international trade. These partnerships contribute to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to coffee farmers.

The Rainforest Alliances' mission is to conserve biodiversity by promoting sustainability in agriculture, forestry, tourism & other businesses.  The Rainforest Alliance standards are intended to protect the environment and the rights of workers. 


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